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  • I’m Hill. I like to take pictures. I like to make people feel pretty. My camera lets me do both.

    I am a twenty-something GA + destination wedding photographer based out of the North Georgia mountains. I am a coffee addict with a degree in English and I shoot on the side as a picture-taking-fools-sister-duo business. My little sister, Sav, has an eye for details and is the biggest cake-tasting critic. She's spunky, spontaneous, and we compliment each other perfectly. Don't let all the scary business details fool you, I get a little crazy nutty at weddings , but I am serious about what I do. I am serious about making sure you get swoon-worthy wedding photos that will make you smile. But most of all, I'm serious about giving you pictures that will make your mother cry, your dad proud, your friends jealous, and leave you with nothing more than fist pumps and dimples from smiling too hard (and a print release- ha!). Whether it's helping your dream man put on his boutonniere, bustling your dress, or teaching your Pastor how to wobble at the reception (true story), I am prepared to make the most of your wedding. You are with your wedding photographer more than any other person on your wedding day, so make sure you pick someone who's making sure it's YOUR day and has the ability to defend your wedding cake from the ring bearer before the reception. I want you to be excited about your wedding photography and not feel as if your wedding is a task. So if you're up for an excessive amount of laughs, smiles, and moments that make you want to high five strangers, please feel free to browse my work and contact me for more details! I capture weddings, seniors, couples, and families.

    Check out my work by clicking on the "Blog" tab above. Eat your heart out, but make sure you've got time and a good cup of coffee because there's so many pictures that will hopefully make you smile.

    xoxo -h


Meet Brandon or as we called him in college, “Zauche” (sounds like Zaa-key). ┬áBrandon is incredibly talented in videography. I have had the pleasure of growing closer to him as a friend and being able to work alongside him at numerous weddings. If you are interested in booking Zauche, check out his work here and shoot him an email. I promise that you won’t regret booking a videographer. You are able to watch your video for years to come and re-live those feelings that you had on your big day. Zauche will customize your wedding video with music and intertwining short clips with you and your spouse giving a short shoutout to each other on your wedding day. Book a videographer that gives you a quality video capturing your wedding day AND someone who’s pretty cool to hang out with. Go ahead, you know you want to.


Holly Ann.

There’s not much I have to say about Holly because you can just look at her head shots below and see how incredibly talented she is with make-up. She’s a natural and take’s make-up to a level where it’s considered ART. Holly is all across the wedding industry. With her love for make-up artistry and pagenatry experience, including the Miss Georgia Pageant, Holly is able to cater to all kinds of kinds! She makes you feel incredibly comfortable and beautiful because Holly knows that everyone has different skin. Holly is fully equipped with top shelf makeup and the experience that every girl dies to have. Along with presence in the wedding industry, Holly publishes weekly makeup tutorials on YouTube and offers make-up tutorial sessions.

Holly has one of the most kind-hearted personalities that I’ve ever met. She’s gorgeous and has a southern twang that will make you grin from ear to ear. Check out Holly’s website here and book her today!


Some Claudia Girl.

If you’re interested in being EXTRA pampered on your wedding day, then please chef out one of my dear friends and hair stylist, Miss Claudia Verduzco. She’s talented and unlike any hair stylist. Her style is one of a kind and Oscars-worthy. Claudia caters to the wedding industry especially. She comes extra prepared with all the tools, equipment, and experience needed to make sure you feel your best on your big day. Claudia has one of the most outgoing and unconditionally loving hearts that I know. She loves to travel, meet new people, and make new friends.


Check out more of Claudia’s work here.

You can also contact Claudia at 706.482.8849


She said YES!

Interested in having someone capture your proposal? Contact me for details!

I am willing to travel, hide out, hold a mini session after all the tears are gone, and give you some stinkin’ awesome pictures!

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